In Memoriam François-Gabriel Ceyrac,
18 june 2015.

ICC is an active voice of the global business for G20, TTIP, COP21,…

You uncover suspected unlawful #cartel/#bribery conduct in your firm's branch. What would you do? #whistleblower

Yesterday from ICC Belgium's Twitter via Mobile Web (M5)

Corporate responsibility & compliance

We fight for sound business ethics, more effective governance, rule of law and security at all levels of international trade.

Business self-regulation & dispute resolution

We believe in voluntary rules enforced by a self-regulatory organization for effective global business systems.

Multilateral trading system

We plead for consistency, predictability and insurance against protectionism in trade and investment policies.

Events, trainings & publications

We organize events and trainings that are run by some of the most influential and dynamic industry professionnals.