We create value by more clarity and predictability
in international trade and investment.

ICC is an active voice of the global business for G20, TTIP, COP21,…

What next steps for helping companies fighting international #corruption in #Belgium? 30.03 iccbelgium.be/event/10th-eth… pic.twitter.com/vFUrogC0mG

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Corporate responsibility & compliance

We fight for sound business ethics, more effective governance, rule of law and security at all levels of international trade.

Business self-regulation & dispute resolution

We believe in voluntary rules enforced by a self-regulatory organization for effective global business systems.

Multilateral trading system

We plead for consistency, predictability and insurance against protectionism in trade and investment policies.

Events, trainings & publications

We organize events and trainings that are run by some of the most influential and dynamic industry professionnals.